Captain Sip Sops from Jaden Marc on Vimeo.

Captain Sip Sops is your new barber, forget your old one he sucks. Located on the Sunshine Coast and conveniently in kahootz with Thomas Surfboards which means you should probably buy a surfboard after you treat your head to a good time.

Filmed on : Sony FS700
Glass : Sony 18-200 E 3.5
Colour: VSCOcam

Filmed and edited by Jaden Marc


This is the Australian instalment for the “Port of Call” collaboration between our partners Thomas Surfboards and Uppercut Deluxe. Check out how the board came together along with its test riders fresh haircut!

Captain Sip Sop’s Manly was recently a finalist of Ford Australia’s Eco Sport Urban Discoveries competition. Check out how Mitch Tomlinson and the boys spent their┬áday whipping around Manly.


Want to know a bit more about Captain Sip Sop’s and Pat Capocci? Here are a few questions thrown at the man himself, enjoy.


One of our regulars just happens to have a way with words… This edit is from when we were lucky enough to have The Amity Affliction front man lay down some fresh rattle can on the back shed. “Surfings the source man, swear to God.”- Joel ‘point break’ Birch.


Its not everyday the boss man creeps up behind you and whispers in your ear… wanna go surfing? It also isn’t everyday that Noosa’s fabled points are on and there are enough staff in the shop to cover you for a couple of hours. This is one of those sweet, sweet days when the stars align just right! Malakai and Jimbo pronounce loudly that they have to go and run some errands and do the “banking”. The trusty, rusty hiace is filled with some sexy new Hayden surfboards shaped by Thomas Bexon and to everyone who asked if we were supposed to be at work that day… we lied, yes we were!


Party time, excellent!


Do you even photo?


This short film took home a heap of prizes from all over the globe. Great little capture of Thomas and what is happening out back while you are getting your haircut.


“Ursula” by Thomas Surfboards x The Malady Mass